How to Prepare a Basic Emergency Toilet Kit for Your Basement

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In case of an emergency situation where you’ll be forced to stay in the basement of your house for a long time, I would recommend having a small “basement toilet kit” on hand.

Here are 5 things you’ll need for a basement toilet:

  • A plastic bucket with a lid (or a special toilet bucket)
  • A pack of sturdy garbage bags (sized to fit the plastic bucket)
  • A bag of cat litter (which absorbs odors and clumps liquids)
  • A pack of wet wipes
  • Toilet paper

You can keep the entire kit in the same plastic bucket for easy access.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Place a plastic bag in the bucket and sprinkle some cat litter at the bottom.
  • Do your business, use wet wipes to clean up, and wipe away any remaining moisture with toilet paper. Dispose of used wipes and paper in the bucket.
  • Sprinkle more cat litter on top and cover the bucket with the lid.

Following these steps, you’ll stay clean, and the smell will be almost non-existent, depending on the quality of the cat litter. Instead of cat litter, you can use sand, but it won’t eliminate the smell. Of course, if possible, after the first use, you can take the bag of waste to a different location where you’re not constantly present.

I hope you never find yourself in such a situation, but just in case, I keep a toilet kit in my basement.