Emergency Preparedness: Essential Supplies and Equipment to Stock Up On

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Emergencies or natural disasters almost always come as a surprise or leave little time for preparation. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare in advance for possible such events. If you have the minimum necessary supplies of materials and equipment in your home, this will give you more chances to survive these phenomena.

Here is a minimum list of what to stock up on in case of an emergency.


The most important resource needed. Plan on a minimum of one gallon per person for three days. It is better to store in small plastic bottles for portability. There may be a need to move and small bottles can be taken with you. Ideally, several large bottles and many small ones. Try to use water only for cooking food and drinks, and you can wash yourself with wet wipes or a disposable shower (a special wet sponge in a sealed bag).


Perhaps the most ideal option would be special instant food with a shelf life of up to 25 years. Now this is a common trend, there are many manufacturers and there is a place to order. Army dry rations (MRE) are also good, although they have a shorter shelf life, but almost all of them are equipped with heaters, which makes it easier to prepare meals.

Favorite canned foods, nuts, dried meat (snacks), dried fruits are also suitable. Stock up at least for three days, taking into account your family and loved ones and multiply by two (there may be neighbors whose house will be destroyed or guests who came to you and found a disaster in you, etc.).

If possible, use disposable dishes (so as not to wash dishes and waste water).

First aid kit

A well-stocked first aid kit can solve many possible problems before help arrives. Therefore, treat it responsibly. Be sure to add bandages, antiseptics, painkillers and medicines that you often use (if you use them, of course) to the “combat first aid kit” mentioned in the previous article. I also recommend adding a flexible splint, which is used for fractures or sprains.

Flashlights, batteries, and radios

More often than not, an emergency event results in a power outage. Therefore, it is worth stocking up on autonomous lighting devices (flashlights, power banks with lighting, diode strips, etc.). If you have battery-powered lighting, also purchase the necessary supply. Now there is a wide variety of autonomous lighting devices, so it will not be a problem to choose what is more convenient for you. A good option is a radio both on a battery and on batteries, which also has a flashlight. It’s like three in one. I also recommend having at least one headlamp so that there is light and your hands are free. I think about the radio and it is so clear that it is the last form of access to information, when all the others are “lying”.


Knives, axes, saws, shovels and other hand tools should also be kept close to the hiding place. You may need it in the event of a blockage, falling trees or other mechanical damage around you.

Currently, a large number of multi-functional tools are produced, such as tourist shovels, which serve simultaneously as an ax and a saw and a hoe and are a knife and other functions. Or multitools. Although the ax and shovel will be more efficient in work separately, but multi-functionality will significantly reduce the storage space. And even in case of forced movement, it is easier to take such a multifunctional shovel and multitool than to carry an ax and a shovel.

Heating means and clothing

Be sure to think about warm clothes and changeable underwear. It is not much, but it is advisable to prepare at least one pair of socks for each person and one set of underwear. Also stock up on warm blankets. Ideally, it will be a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag for everyone. If there is an opportunity, it is also worth stocking up on means of heating that do not emit harmful substances – tourist gas burners or those that run on ecological fuel (for example, an alcohol burner).

A roomy backpack will not be superfluous in case of forced movement.


Most likely, during an emergency, ATMs and cashless payment terminals will not work, so it is advisable to stock up on a small amount of cash just in case.


A stock of essentials, food, and water will help prevent or minimize the tragedy that can happen in the event of an emergency. Do not forget to occasionally check and, if necessary, replace edible supplies and check the equipment for serviceability.

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