DIY Guide to Making a Mobile Throwing Knife Target

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If you have read my previous article, then you already know that I made a great free target for arrows. But my enthusiasm doesn’t stop there :).

I also enjoy throwing various objects into targets, such as knives, shurikens, darts, screwdrivers, and whatever else comes to hand. And I wanted to make a throwing knife target that would be mobile and have a more or less aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, I did not film the process of making the target, but I will write below how I made it. First, I found the thickest wooden log that I could find quickly. I cut the edge with a chainsaw to make it even and cut a circle about 10 cm thick.

Then I took a sheet of plywood or MDF with a thickness of at least 1 cm (since the wooden circle is quite heavy, the plywood should be able to withstand it) and cut a square that was 10-15 cm larger than the wooden circle. I painted everything separately, and when the paint dried, I placed the wooden circle on the plywood and screwed it from the backside to the wood. It is important to choose screws that do not go into the wooden circle more than half its thickness. I made holes on the edges of the plywood shield for fastening it to the wall with screws or with a cord or soft wire.

Knife target

This throwing target lasted a long time while I was throwing metal knives, screwdrivers, or something not too heavy into it. But it cracked when I started throwing heavy tomahawks and axes, although it held up thanks to the many screws I screwed from the back of the target